The Chicken Heart Lightly Elevator Dress Formal 6.5 cm

Short-sleeve boys should put the highlights on the upper body or hairstyle, such as wearing a hat, choosing a patterned top, and so on. And the shoes should be simple and give a visually comfortable feeling, so you don’t have to match the highlights. Short-sleeved boys wear high-heeled shoes, but they don’t wear Elevator Dress Shoes. The short boys need to look at them seriously.

Can’t wear heavy shoes. Regardless of whether the Chicken Heart Lightly Height Increased 6.5 cm is raised, the heavy shoes will appear to be very large, and the contrast will be shorter when they are small. In the same way, you can’t wear thick-soled shoes. The thick-soled heel is not suitable for the short calf. Although the thick-soled Elevator Dress Shoes do have an increase effect, the heavy footsteps will make the height defects appear to the fullest.

Elevator Dress Shoes

Can not wear the middle boots in the middle of the calf. Similarly, the relationship between internal increase and not is not great. The booties just reaching the calf will give the illusion that the length of the leg is only from the waist to the boot. The dark color will shorten the proportion of the legs and become shorter, especially away from the skin. The short-sleeved effect of the dark ankle boots is serious.

Exaggerated sneaker style. For example, fluorescent color sneakers, sneakers with rich colors, complicated design styles, etc. are not suitable for short boys. Said some short Elevator Dress Formal that are not suitable for boys.

Elevator Dress Shoes

For short boys, thick and pointed leather Elevator Dress Formal, especially black ones are very suitable. Although the thick and pointed leather shoes have less than 3cm heel and the heel is exposed, the extended toe can visually make the legs look slender, and the exposed heels also show the retro British aristocratic style, which is masculine. Can make you look higher through the momentum.

Elevator Dress Shoes

In addition, you can choose some styles that can be added to the shoe to increase the insole, such as high-top canvas shoes, booties, etc., the exposed roots will make you feel unconscious. Canvas shoes can be worn with narrow-leg pants. Inserting the narrow leg trousers into the thin high-top canvas shoes can achieve a more straight and slender leg, which is high, and the selection of dark-colored shoes with similar colors is better.

Elevator Dress Shoes

In terms of color matching, the gray main color is matched with black and red and blue, which is quite versatile and very contemporary. The edges of the shoes are sharp and angular, and the uppers are sharply cut with sharp triangles, which brings the sharp temperament that most old shoes don’t have. The mid-sole lines are also quite smooth, with a simple line to create a rich layering, it is easy to raise the height.

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