New Soft Bottom Dress Luxury Elevator Shoes 5.5 cm

The fine-grained top layer cowhide is soft, delicate and not wrinkled. The inner pad is made of PU+Korean cotton pad, which is breathable and sweat-absorbent. It is soft, comfortable and elastic. It is not deformed for a long Time and is increased by 5.5 cm.

A must-have thing for the prospective groom before getting married! A little bit happy, because I am getting married; but a little trouble, because I am about the same height as the bride. Think about it, my wife wears a wedding dress at the wedding and hates the sky, can’t I compare it? Who would be willing to feel shorter than the bride on the wedding day?

Luxury Elevator Shoes

How to do it? My friends suggested that even the prospective bride would “make me” and ask me to buy a new soft Bottom Dress Luxury Elevator Shoes 5.5 cm, which was worn during wedding photos and weddings. I can’t stand the “temptation”, but in fact, I am in the middle of my arms, just do it! Moreover, I have to seriously and carefully handle it. I usually don’t pick up things when I buy things. Now I have to “pick up” and get married, and I will earn my face by raising shoes.

I used to buy things, I can buy them online, and I have never bought them in the Luxury Elevator Shoes. In my imagination, after wearing them, will it be a little bit uncomfortable like wearing high heels? Therefore, please ask the bride to take time to accompany me to the store to transfer.

Luxury Elevator Shoes

 I called headquarters and asked for the location of their specialty store in my city. It was not far from my neighborhood, just three roads. I am going to try it out with great interest. The prospective bride helped me choose a pair of British style dresses. My feet went in and stood, feeling that my feet were leaning forward, and I was really not used to it at first. Walking around, it seems like a little lame walking. The store manager said that this is a normal situation and generally fits in a week or so. I think the bride is wearing the high heels for the first time. I think I have no problem. I tried it carefully and didn’t feel the angle and the top foot. I hope I got used to it.

Luxury Elevator Shoes

I finally took the first pair of shoes and bought a pair of sheepskin shoes for the bride. Knowing that we were getting married soon, the store manager sent a sweet blessing saying that almost every day, the groom and the customer came to buy Elevator Shoes, and most of them asked for a higher and higher. what! It seems that like me, there are many people who have a “high” desire in front of the bride.

Luxury Elevator Shoes

I tried two pairs again. From the mirror, I felt that I was taller and more majestic than ever before. The gas field was so strong that I thought I was a star, and my feelings were really different. The manager smiled and said, this is a feeling of a tall man… After flattening the trouser legs, I found that the shoes inside and the Elevator Shoes are really no different. I thought that this would be better, and I would not know if I increased the others. If you also have this desire, remember to do this very necessary thing before you get married – buy a pair of inner shoes!

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