New Plus Velvet Thick Crocodile Pattern Warm Men’s Elevator Boots 6.5 cm

The appearance of the inner heightening shoes looks no different from the ordinary shoes. The big difference is that it has an internal high-rise, but it has a height that is 5-13 cm higher than the bare feet. Also known as the invisible Elevator Boots, the dress will be more straight and confident, helping to quit the inferiority form of the hunchback.

The inner Elevator Boots are combined with the increased storage space in the design. The uppers are designed to be slightly higher, covering the bare feet and preventing looseness. High quality shoes combine the curve with humanized design, the whole point is increased, and the soles are raised. The surface is consistent with the cut, concealed design, and the selected leather, sheepskin, crocodile skin, ostrich skin and other cherished leather materials, using high-tech polyether PU to do the internal high-rise, to fit the contours of the foot and the law of force The mat is increased, compared with the long-wearing discomfort of the high-heeled shoes, the feeling of increasing the laces to the consumer is light and comfortable, dry and breathable.

Elevator Boots

Known as the “Magic Capital”, Shanghai is China’s economic and financial center, a prosperous international metropolis. As a far-off metropolis, Shanghai is known as “China’s commercial window”. After several years of renovation and construction, commercial outlets are spread all over the city, and shopping is very convenient.

New Plus Velvet Thick Crocodile Pattern Warm Cotton Men’s Elevator Boots 6.5 cm Leather Men’s Elevator Boots are made of overseas leather, with high quality, smooth hand, durable and fashionable, and won the favor of shoes lovers. Let’s introduce what leather materials are available for the real leather shoes.

Elevator Boots

Sesame grain leather is preferred from European fine leather, with fine sesame lines made of exquisite embossing technology, bright, noble and temperament integrated, smooth and delicate touch, moisture-proof and easy to maintain. The fine layer of real cowhide of the first layer of cowhide, very textured, soft and comfortable, not easy to wrinkle and more waterproof.

Elevator Boots

Calfskin Choose calfskin, quality, soft and delicate texture, bright and even color, silky smooth with hand touch. Oil wax skin Select the top layer of leather, after polishing, oiling, waxing process to form a bright leather effect, with antique art effect, strong water absorption and oil absorption, let it give people a feeling of nostalgia and vicissitudes.

Elevator Boots

The baby buffalo waxed leather 360 presents details, from the fine selection of fabrics to the superior craftsmanship, which highlights the domineering and noble connotation.

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