Men’s Formal Wear Invisible Tall Shoes Increase 6.5 cm

Men’s Formal Wear Invisible Tall Shoes Increase 6.5 cm Why is it brighter and brighter? It turns out that the light will reflect on the surface of any object. If the surface is smooth, the light will reflect in a certain direction, and we will see the bright object. However, we have seen many flat objects such as smooth surfaces and clean desktops that don’t look so bright.

It turns out that the surface of these objects is not as smooth as we think. When we use a magnifying glass to look at the wall or the table, we will find that the wall and the table are very rough. When the light hits the surface of the rough object, it will also reflect, but this reflection is called slow reflection, and the reflected light will not. Reflecting in one direction, but reflecting in all directions, so they don’t look so bright. The surface of the Tall Shoes is also very rough, with a lot of pores, but when we wipe the shoe polish, the shoe polish fills the concave pores on the upper, making the upper smoother, so that more light is reflected in one direction, so it looks It is bright, and the more you rub, the smoother the upper and the more polished the shoes.

Tall Shoes

How to polish the Tall Men Shoes? First use a cleaning paste or a clean foam, wring the towel dry, apply a cleaning paste, and then use it to clean the upper. After using the cleaning paste, wait for an hour to dry, then apply the nourishing oil to moisturize the leather. It is said that the expired cosmetics work better. Finally, rub it again with colored shoe polish, add some coloring and waxing to some decolorized parts, and polish with a dry cloth.

The Tall Men Shoes brushed by this method can guarantee a smoothness of 5-7 days. Every day, the surface is wiped with a dry cloth to remove the dust stained yesterday and restore the bright state. Wipe shoes tips: The shoes are chapped, we can use the leftover milk to clean the shoes, not only can prevent the shoes from cracking, but also keep soft. While rubbing the shoes, put a few drops of vinegar in the shoe polish, so that the shoes are brighter and can last for a long time.

Tall Shoes

While rubbing the Height Increasing Shoes, you can also squeeze a little toothpaste and use it at the same time as the shoe polish. The shoes after wiping are as bright as new. We can use banana peel to wipe the oily dirt on the shoes, or use it to clean the leather bag, which can make the leather surface clean as new.

Leather shoes maintenance guide, moisture-proof shoes. Mainly put a little moisture-proof agent in the shoe box or in the shoe, choose to store in a dry place. The mildew of the shoes. The shoes must be dried and the shoe polish should be put in place. Put some mothballs in the shoes to prevent insects. Store and store in a well ventilated area and pay attention to dust. It is necessary to remove it regularly to wipe the shoe polish, especially during the mildew rain season. It should be taken out and blown. If there is already mildew, remove the mildew with a soft cloth brush and clean the shoe polish in time.

Tall Shoes

Wearing worn Elevator Shoes, there are more or less some deformations. It is a good time to fix the deformation when you change it. The method of repairing the deformation is to support the shoe support in time; for high-grade leather shoes, the shoe support with screw adjustment should be used, and the shoe support can make the leather shoes as old as new.

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